OLS House by J. Mayer H. Architekten

I see it as absolutely crucial that even though these buildings are made to house machines, they are still both a workplace for humans on one hand and just as importantly they impact the public environment. So the fact that the machines are largely indifferent is no excuse to omit design efforts – and especially…

Between the Trees
There is a sense of happiness and self-consciousness when we live amongst nature – something logically intrinsic to our human condition. Over the years, urban environments have overpowered those of more natural character. Concrete and steel have taken over cities. Noise pollution and over population are shaping the scale of cities on a whole different level. Designing within natural environments reminds us of …..

Winners of the World Architecture Festival 2013
When we launched 6 years ago, there wasn’t an annual global award for architecture that was as free and open as this. The tone of the festival is that it’s a sort of reminder and refresher for architects as to why they wanted to pursue architecture in the first place. It’s about design and delight – showing all the nice bits in a nice place. Singapore has been our location for the last 4 years because it represents the dynamic…..

On the Edge
Locating resources nearby is always challenging in remote areas. If the design is based on local skill and materials, it is already easier to find rational, beautiful and locally adapted solutions.

The site is always important for the character of a project….

Corner House

The Corner House by Integrated Field designed for a family of five accentuates the corners on each floor.

Spade seat by Studio Nic Roex bends a shovel into a chair. 

Sunset Chapel by BNKR Arquitectura

Endémico Resguardo Silvestre by Gracia Studio as Architects

La Tallera by Frida Escobedo

Food Capital

Playfully fluent interior design for Food Capital by Karim Rashid aims at “amorphous softness.”

Merchant Square footbridge

The 20 meters Merchant Square footbridge by Knight Architects raises using hydraulic jacks with an action similar to that of a traditional Japanese hand fan.

Sensory Sky

Sensory Sky by Dornbracht is a shower that produces rain and fog.

Zhang ZhiDong And Modern Industrial Museum

Zhang ZhiDong And Modern Industrial Museum by Studio Daniel Libeskind is under construction.

The Forum at Eckenberg Gymnasium

Ecker Architekten realize Forum at Eckenberg Gymnasium with cycloidal coffers as skylights.

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